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Why green juice is good for you

Why green juice is good for you

Juices keep the body healthy but juices should be organic juice. Organic juices like juices of fruits, leafy green etc. provide important nutrients to the body. These juices contain all essential vitamins etc. our body needs vitamins at every stage of life to keep our body healthy.

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Juices are of many types, fruit juices, vegetable juices, leafy green juices. Leafy green juices contain most of the important vitamins. These juices involve juice of Kale, Collard Greens, Turnip Greens, Swiss chard, Spinach and Mustard Greens.  These leafy greens provide a heavy amount of iron, calcium etc. these minerals are very essential for our body system.

These juices cannot be extracted from normal juicers or blender. Normal juicers or blender waste a lot of essential minerals and juice extract is very low. Many important minerals and vitamins like vitamin c, D, E are lost. Leafy juices can only be extracted from best masticating juicers. These masticating juicers extract the last drop of juice from leafy greens and give maximum nutrients. The main function of these masticating juicers is that they work at very low rpm thus these are also called slow masticating juicers.

Leafy greens contain vitamin A which is a very important vitamin for making our body immune system. Vitamin C which is very common in these leafy greens provides a healthy skin. Vitamin K found in these leafy greens helps the body to heal itself very quickly.

There is one caution that vitamin K should be no taken in a large amount because vitamin k thicken the blood which is very dangerous for the body in long term.

Leafy greens are also very useful for weight loss because in one cup they contain enough calories and vitamins that a full meal have.

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