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Right guys back cos today we got Rory you’ll have travel hello as always and we got Tom from your culture hello on the end of phones I think if people are buying today about a coach Loki on camera knew I got a Bushnell tour X slope which I’ve been demo in and we’re going to do a little game around it because I’m really enjoying this I just realized my collars popped the neck a little bit the day and I’m popping my car off cam and I you knew it was pops for our Donald trendy spot fart another pomp czar Judy pop that normal people would edit that but I’m going to keep that if I don’t mind laughing at me and bristled or X slope we’ve got a massive drop off shot we’re going to guess the slope because it’s interesting when you use these devices and this is why I’m using it and maybe our wrong I’ve been getting it and maybe a Mozart be interesting Lee guess we have been using it all day so I reckon will be a bit better at guessing guess the slope competition let’s get stuck in right so I’m going to give you a measurement guys yep and then you’re going to tell me to draw it the slope right.

what’s it playing so it physically measures layered 307 but what is it playing subjects the elevation subjects well I’m tempted to try and get one of the mountains around 307 what’s it playing roar I’m going to go with 285 285 for Rory what’s a degree I’m not telling you that I’m ER because you wouldn’t know that information without their um to 275 I’m going to go too six nine two six nine yeah where were you pointing a camera there Rory oh so what are you went to eight five two seven five two seven five two six nine two six five Oh Matt gets close a lot 20 Oh so we are that is how many arms he was ten out I was thirty yards of drop yeah isn’t it just over I would not go I know I would call that 20 organize it’s always 40 yeah I’m only four out Hey so just to finish we’re going to have a wax hug on us so – six five so in theory yeah I can fly this yeah I managed damn we better not have your driver okay I reckon you both could flight you could land it like on the top tier gorgeous Harkin it is great huh what’s the course this is June Castro no Marino Custom every summer yeah cos love Reno in Greece only being here all day so I pop my collar again okay sure yeah save that neck for tomorrow well it just adds for the comments.

I think it allowed to the comments people are like commenting on my popped my plug popped oh right it’s quietly going about my business as usual Rory like nearest the pen doesn’t need to be on the green let’s do this I necked it a bit that’s going to have to stay in the air stay in the air it’s cutting as well yeah are you stiff if I were to hit that well it’d be too far 50 I bit it to about seven you need to be I didn’t know if people can see oh well let’s make them see right well let’s just make sure they can I think we better just zooming cut I wouldn’t want anyone not to see that Oh mark you haven’t drinkware the army are not liking that right ray.

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I read the slide out those who need of the ADA you need to have a little Niki cut to okay you’ve not pop the collar I’m disappointed oh and leg on top that’s right taffy well that’s way right oh yeah it’s moving in it that’s over there yeah oh I might make a stinky eagerly just I’m going to cut one in as well oh yeah Tom’s gone to his 3-wood so again I reckon if we didn’t have the slope Tom as an ammeter for handicapper but doesn’t play that much he wouldn’t have worked that a hand he had driver into that he would be hitting driver but always done his little divot free what I love that free would dinner that’s way left it is way that a lot ball no it’s shortened it’s pit is over there it’s the right Club Tom potentially drivers not a bad play with Tom because he’s just going to put it back edge of the green.


if it stays on the planet you mean fucking of a dream where did that pitch yours just over the green it pitched and released about five foot down it was just it was so lovely to see okay come on Mac cut a high one in there you don’t need to cut it says you need all of it for you I do the whole oh he’s going straight left he’s not got hit hard as well why do I get that so hard it is alright the path up it’s not above let’s get down there and stop I’m just going to let’s get down there and see who’s close are we well there you go that sound it’s the little I get that close to the my way Jim and I look at the greens and I’ll let you pitched and start everything that’s just Norther well it was 2 6-4 and I carry it to 60 you just had to put it online we’re always got his where do you might be chipping on but we’ll finish with you just repairing that very gently don’t leave and a little why do a teapot you ever done a teapot happening with your foot I would I’m going to pop it in with a tape that you can do you reckon you catnap it in with a team no good bird yogi yeah I’ll tap it in nada yes thank you thanks for watching subscribe to my YouTube channel for loads more videos find me on Instagram @ Crossfield mark also on twitter @ for golf online find me on Facebook mark Crossfield thanks for watching post comments as always and see you soon


Updated: May 10, 2018 — 5:41 am

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