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Best Women CrossFit Shoes Review 2018

Best women Cross Fit shoes

We’re going to go over my top CrossFit shoe and pretty much all the shoe releases have come out for the year. So I’d like to go over some of the ones that I think are the best and what I think they’re the best that so this isn’t going to be a normal. This is the best kind of list this is going to be focused on what each Best Women CrossFit shoe is specifically better at then the next one is all of these shoes are going to be very good for CrossFit in general. But there are some that fit certain needs a little bit better than others so if you find yourself lacking in a certain area you might want to actually go for that particular shoe.

So the first category that we’re going to go over is the best CrossFit shoe or running now CrossFit shoes are notoriously bad running shoes. But some are a little bit better than others in this area and the shoe that comes to mind is the noble surplus trainer better than the other CrossFit shoes for running is because of the shape of the outsole right. This is a great cross wit shoe for running and training purposes the reason.

Why it’s a little bit here provides a more natural step. When you run and there is a little bit more cushioning in the noble trainers than other CrossFit shoes an honorable mention in this category is not even a CrossFit shoe. But these are very good stable lifting shoes and they are very good running shoes as well there’s a lot of cushioning. They’re not the most minimal shoes but they are still very good and very usable for CrossFit purposes alright.

So the next category that we’re going to go over is the Best Women CrossFit shoes for lifting. These shoes do a little bit better in this area all CrossFit shoes are geared towards lifting. But these shoes are the ones that are probably the best in this area and that is the Nike Metcon. The reason why the Nike Metcon 2 are so good in this area is because they are one of the most rigid CrossFit shoes the platform is very wide and stable.

There’s flat edges or flat corners to the outsole and it just makes the overall lifting experience very solid and very stable the honorable mention in this area is going to be the innovate F light 250. These are very stable lifting shoe and they actually have a raised heel so if you have any kind of mobility issues. You don’t like to switch it in your lifters the F light 250s are a very good choice for all around CrossFit lifting shoe alright guys.

So the next category that we’re going to tap into is the best minimalist shoe all CrossFit shoes are basically minimal issues but these shoes tend to be the most neutral of them all. They have the most stable and flat platform they are the strike movement chill pill transits. These are one of the most understated shoes on the market for cross but they don’t even look like CrossFit shoes but they are excellent performers. It’s a two point five millimeter drop so they’re one of the most flat CrossFit shoes.

You can get and they still offer very solid lifting platform the new redesigned outsole is excellent for traction and it is excellent for power delivery the honorable mention in this area is also one of my favorite CrossFit shoes and that is the Reebok speed TRS. These are basically a more minimalist more flexible more Flat Nano and narrow Nano. So if you have yourself some narrow feet the speed TRS are an excellent choice. Now finally the best CrossFit shoe of 2018. These are the all-around best in my opinion they embody the spirit of CrossFit with general physical preparedness and that is of course the Nano 6.0. Reebok did a lot of research went back to the drawing board fixed everything that was wrong with the 905 put everything that has been great into the Nano sixes from all the generations of Nanos and you have yourself the most flexible the most durable the best-looking Nano of them all.

Now like I said there are other shoes that are better in certain categories but this is all around the best CrossFit shoe. If you were to buy one CrossFit shoe of 2018 this is going to be the one. So there you have it my favorite CrossFit shoes of 2018 these are all excellent performance shoes. You can’t go wrong using any of these shoes but there are some if you need to help in a certain area that you might want to gravitate towards that being said. Overall I still think the Nano sixes are the best CrossFit shoes of 2018 we’ll just have to wait and see what comes out at the end of the year but I think pretty much everything has come out for the rest of the year.

Updated: April 16, 2018 — 3:37 pm

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