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Babies are precious ones and they deserve the best products


Babies are Precious and Important

This blog post is for all the parents who are bit careless about their babies. This is really important to spread awareness to all the moms and dads that babies are the best part in parent’s life and without having children, you are nothing at all. This the the fact of life, all colors are just due to having little ones in your home, moving around.  So, moving forward to the topic of this blog, I would like to share a story of a mother who never cared for her child and at the end what she lost, just read it.

Babies are Lovely

I had a neighbor who was a single mother. She had a beautiful baby girl and she was just 1 years old. The lady was very much career oriented and she always preferred her work and never ever looked after her little one. I could clearly hear the baby cries and i used to get depressed that why isn’t she looking after her baby girl. She used to leave baby girl with a nanny for more than 12 hours, and this was too much for a 1 year old child. So the time passed away and after 10 years, the baby girl grew up and had her own activities. I had always found her depressed and lonely.

I forgot to mention that her father passed away when she was 6 months old. One day when she was sitting alone in her garden, I went and asked her that why she hide in the bushes when her mom comes at home, and i was astonished to hear the answer, ” I don’t like to see her face, she doesn’t have time for me and when she comes back I don’t have time for her”.  I was very shocked to hear this.

Then i said, no baby she is earning for you and for your future only, and mothers always love their babies. And she replied, ” Yes she has done a lot for my future by spoiling my past and present.  This answer were the final words, that made me cry and i left from there. I got a lesson for life, that babies are really precious and they always need proper care and love from parents. And when a baby gets the due attention, then only you can say that you have done a lot for their future. Money is not always a solution for everything, and it can’t buy you happiness at all.

Take sometime form your busy schedules and give good time to your babies and your family. The seed that you sow today will give you fruit for life. Keep these words in mind and prepare your plan for life. Dive equal time for everything as you get a precious gift from God and you need to take care of it. Hence, never ignore a baby in early ages and specially a single mom or dad, have to give time to their babies more than other babies need it.


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Updated: April 16, 2018 — 12:20 pm

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