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Motor vehicle Subwoofer

Hey I want to share my personal experience with you I got this alpine type bar it’s a 10 and I got it with this box it was sealed and I got it for like 70 bucks at the pawn shop years ago the Motor vehicle Subwoofer like brand-new you know it’s actually a nice that stuff’s got a nice magnet I like the way was made you know it’s like interesting and shit I stopped the port on it it’s wounded.

I like 30 I don’t know 30 like 5 hurts but it’s like a small box oh it Peaks sounds pretty good louder single 10 I’ve ever heard though like for real oh this is just temporary because I’m selling it right now so I might as well make a video and this is the first amp I ever had to kick her 500 points to do this shit it’s like bro holy shit this is probably like from 2001 it’s got the fan Goten I I’m pretty sure it’s a Class A because it’s big as fuck for only 500 watts and you know back then that’s what was all about a B you know this is a Class D but this I’m selling that shit – that’s my old minds and I am I realized that Class eight B amps sound with best shallow mount subwoofers way better on the doors man like it’s more like crisp more clear um so I was just testing that out I’m supposed to be soon I should got to put it online tonight so yeah I’m testing out this amp it was actually broken um for like a couple years.

I did like back in the shed because I don’t know the motherboard was all fucked up hey you ‘all got to try this man so this is what I did to fix it it went straight to protection for years right so one day I was like fuck it what do I got to lose so I dipped it in alcohol like I put 911 personal call all over the pathetic motherboard I took the cap off on then I wash it with soap you know I scrubbed it with water kind of put some pressure on it with water let it dry out and guess what the shit works perfect man I never actually worked this good so yeah.

I was just seeing if that thing turns on so mama put that up for sale tonight – on my break I’m basically doing my system all over again I’m doing it the right way through but yeah let’s hear this 1000 for those of all are following me and actually watch. yeah I did a couple of new things this menu head unit I like it’s 4 volt pre out it’s actually the head unit right before the ad PRS yeah man I’m a fuck I make so much profit.

I bought it for 70 bucks all right slap the you know port a little PVC port you know it took like there to be five minutes install um and I’m about to make I bought it for seven I’m about to sell it for 190 so you do the math it’s actually a good amount of profit on the bot selling this old ass ant – yeah nothing’s not even hot and I’m pretty sure it was clipping I don’t do a fuck for someone else to do it oh yeah peace out.

Updated: May 2, 2018 — 9:37 am

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